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Carmilla season two

The everyday story of a 300 year old vampire and her tiny lady love returns…

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For those of you wondering when season 2 of Carmilla is coming, saying soon is sure to only frustrate, but it is coming. VervegirlTV just released a video of phootshoot day for season 2 with some potential sneak peeks at the new season. So, while it is not new episodes, at least it is nice […]

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New Addition: Carmilla

Carmilla Laura Hollis is three weeks into her first semester at Sillas University, and things have gotten off to a weird start. Goat sacrifices and a self-aware library catalog aren’t exactly what Laura was expecting for Freshman Orientation. Oh, and her roommate, Betty, mysteriously disappears after a party. A cryptic (and oddly moist) note leads […]

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