Sidetrack is an LGBTQ* webseries about queer women and people in NYC, created by Kayla Kumari Upadhyaya, Celina Vicioso and Kirsten Ariel Bledsoe.

Film: Almost Adults

Almost Adults

Almost Adults is a platonic love story about two life long best friends struggling to keep their friendship together as their lives head in different directions.

The two leads from the web series Carmilla are this time playing platonic friends but it looks like there’s enough lady lovin’ to keep it super interesting.

All For One

All For One

Freshman Dorothy Castlemore is not having a good day. A fresh black eye, a douchey mortal enemy getting in her way and nobody around she can punch. At least she has the internet and a cute new roommate to help cheer her up!

Full Out

Full Out

Full Out — Episode 1 from Open TV (beta) on Vimeo.

A story of ambition, manipulation, betrayal, and self-discovery, FULL OUT follows a closeted dancer as she struggles to regain her glory following a devastating injury.



Having just lost the other half of who helps pay the rent, Dee is forced to find a new roommate with the help of their sister Amy. But 8 months later…Rachel’s desperate attempt to stay in the country catches up with her.

Girl Gets Girl

Fans of the Spanish web series Chica Busca Chica are in for a treat as the series transitions – with a few name changes – to the big screen in De Chica en Chica (Girl Gets Girl). The film has been doing the rounds in selected cinemas across the globe and as of the 6th April it is now available to buy on DVD in Spain: Amazon (Spain) | Casa del libro | DVDGo.com

Hopefully, the international release of the DVD won’t be too far behind.

Back up and running

Over the next couple of weeks I’m hoping to update the site with all the latest f/f related web series, short films and funding campaigns I can find. I haven’t been actively on-line all that much over the last six months so there are no doubt countless wonderful shows that I’ve never even heard about; so if you know about a web series, short film or funding campaign featuring lesbian or bisexual female characters that you think should be included on the site let me know in a reply to this post.

With your help I hope to once again turn this site into a useful resource for those of us endlessly searching for decent representation on screen and an escape from the bloodbath normal television has become.

Girls Like Girls

A music video / short film.

Welcome to “Couple-ish”, a new queer webseries filming in Toronto, ON. We are a group of filmmakers, writers, and actors who are passionate about bringing new voices and new representation to LGBTQ+ audiences that don’t usually see it. “Couple-ish” is queer media with a fake couple, but real heart.

“Couple-ish” is about Dee, a bisexual, non-binary Canadian illustrator, who finds themself locked into a lease they can’t afford. With the help of younger sister Amy, Dee thinks they find the perfect new roommate in Rachel, a queer British bartender. Things go awry in this character-driven comedy when, eight months later, Rachel claims Dee as a common-law partner to stop herself from being deported. When Amy, who is developing a crush on her sibling’s roommate, begs Dee to go with the plan, the group sets up a YouTube channel to prove Rachel and Dee are totally in love—and totally not just faking it for the government.

The series will be shot in both vlog and standard formats, and will combine trans-media elements through a character-run Tumblr. With 22 planned episodes, “Couple-ish” will have over two full hours of scripted material for your viewing pleasure.

Please take a look around, meet the team, see the perks, and hopefully we’ll see you soon…ish!

Visit the Kickstarter page

A Kiss From Your Lips from Allison Tate on Vimeo.

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