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As part of the International Day of Femslash celebrations we are hereby challenging you to ‘finish what you started’ and dust off those stories or scripts you’ve left hanging and finally give your characters the happy ever after or angst-ridden ending you’ve decided they deserve. No word limits, no themes, just a train ride straight […]

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Rough Drafts: the chat

This Saturday marks the beginning of our thirty day script challenge: Rough Drafts and to help you (and us) get off to a flying start we’ve decided that what’s needed is a little bit of interaction. Or, in other words, a chat! So if you want to discuss your premise or characters or plot or […]

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Challenge: Rough Drafts

Every good web series and short film starts with an idea. That idea is then taken and stretched and pounded into submission. At that point what you’re left with is a script or a waste basket filled with screwed up A4 and tufts of hair where you’ve pulled them from your head in frustration. To […]

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